Created for Eldridge Smerin in 2010

From floor to ceiling windows, flags swaying in the distance at the Epsom racecourse can be seen. Deodar is surrounded by beautiful landscape. An adjoining golf course. I spent many days throughout the year revisiting Deodar as it became a canvas for my work both in stills and with film. A creative home from home.

This house lights up like a furnace at night, and is breathtaking with its all consuming scale.

Bridge(w) Come Into My Garden 2(w) Come Into My Garden(w) Dining In(w) Front Of House(w) Ghost Of Schumann(w) Green Door(w) Grid(w) HotHouse(w) Inside OUt(w) Kitchen(w) LightShow(w) Lightshow3(w) Master bed(w) Night Garden 2(w) Night Garden(w) Piano Room(wi) PoolSide II(w) Through Glass(w) UnderGround(w)

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