Elsham Road

Created for Smerin Architects in 2013

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  1. Residential

Holland Park houses this 5 storey scheme re-designed by Piers Smerin of Smerin Architects. From the former practice Eldridge Smerin, Piers commissioned Lyndon Douglas Photography to interpret the space with an emphasis on it’s extensive height seen from it’s rear garden which had limited space. To achieve the image showing the full

elevation took some ingenuity regarding positioning of the camera. As with earlier projects photographed with the architect such as The Dead House in Swains Lane Hampstead, and Deodar in Epsom Downs, the photography was inspired by Smerin’s use of glass allowing for an abundance of transparency.


LightBox(w) Elsham3CutAway(w) WoodWork(w)WaterFall(w)


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