Castle House

Created for RJ Smith in 2017

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  1. Residential
Following on from our work at West Stratton House, RJ Smith and Co asked us in 2017 to begin photographing an extensive build at a magnificent project and site titled Castle House. Built in 1490, it consists of 4 sides with a rectangular tower. It’s a labyrinth of discovery due to it’s sheer size and magnitude. The renovations included an inside to outside swimming pool, games room, and underground car park. We conducted a dramatic night shoot where the vibrancy of floor to ceiling stained glass windows in the central hall take on the feel of a furnace.

BirdOfParadise(w)HanwellHouse2(w)AWalkInThePark2(w) BathroomBlue(w)I'veBeenHereBefore(w)Silence(w) StoneThree(w)

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