Created for Woods Bagot in 2015

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IRENA (The International Renewable Energy Agency) is located in the city of Abu Dhabi and sits amidst a rural and underdeveloped landscape.Woods Bagot approached Lyndon Douglas Photography in the fall of 2014 to come up with a concept and proposal to communicate through a portfolio of images, this award winning structure. The shoots took a year to come to fruition, and has been contextualised with views from vantage points around the city, namely from the Masdar Institute designed by Foster and Partners.
1)SilverLight(w) 3)HIgherGround(w) 4)CallToPrayer(w)Lobby28)MasdarCity2(w) 10)MasdIRENA(w) 11)IRENightCentral(w) 12)MasdaIRena(w)

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