Red Sea Gateway

Created for Red Sea Gateway in 2010

We have done

  1. Commercial

After meetings with the client Lubna Ali AbdelKarim of the RSGT I came up with the concept of ‘the human body and it’s function’ as part of how we were going to depict this vast site and it’s service as one of the largest cargo ports in the world. The port was to act as the ‘heart’ that everything stems from. It took me all over the city, both ancient and modern, where the port was the connecting factor for all the images we collected.



JIP Tower(w) CSCL NightStar(w) Craters(w) Hebrew(w) Operator(w) Sleeping Giant To Feed The Body(w) Summer In The City(w) Watchtower One Man Standing(w) Locked City(w) Jeddah(w) Highway(w) Speed(w)


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