Labyrinth House

Created for RJ Smith in 2015

We have done

  1. Residential
Labyrinth House is unique in the work we have done in terms of style. Upon being given the opportunity to shoot this project, we grabbed at the chance as the traditional build and location is awe inspiring. With an expanse of land surrounding it, we were able to enjoy a range of vantage points in contextualising this scheme. Within the lustrous space reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland with its twists and turns, there’s a beautiful fusion between the periodical details and modern introductions.

HouseOnAHill2(w) PlayGround(w) SlipperyWhen Wet(w) ToBeInvisible(w Unicorn(w) WarmShadow(w) VictoriaBlue(w) QuietStorm(w)

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